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      batte melt pump-melt pumps

      來源:巴特計量泵、齒輪泵公司 發布時間:2013-11-14 09:45:21 瀏覽次數:
        Melt pump is mainly used for conveying, melt pump pressure, measurement of high temperature and high viscosity of polymer melt. Its main function is the high temperature melt pressure, pressure will come from the extruder, keep accurate and stable melt flow into the extrusion die. Now, the melt gear pump has been widely used in chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, plate, bar, pipe, wire and cable, wire drawing, extrusion production line, can process almost covers most of the material polymer materials, such as: PE, PC, PP, PVC, HIPS, PS, PA, TPUR, fluorine containing polymer, polyester, polysulfone, thermoplastic elastomer, rubber and thermal adhesives.
        The main function of high temperature melt pump is the plastic melt pressure, pressure will come from the extruder after stable flow into the extrusion die. The stability of melt pressure, flow capacity is better than all kinds of extrusion machine. It will be with single screw and twin - screw extruder used in series, makes the whole production line efficiency increased significantly.
        The main advantage of using a melt pump is:
        Dimensional tolerances 1 extrusion to a minimum, so that the unit weight of the material for more products. In the dimension tolerance of extrusion products strict or product raw material cost is expensive, it is necessary to use the melt pump, more valuable.
        2 co rotating twin screw extruder and melt pump into mixing extrusion granulation production line, the mixing quality and yield is greatly improved than the twin-screw granulator unit separate. Energy consumption per kilogram of materials processing can be reduced by about twenty-five percent.
        3. 在原來是單螺桿或同向雙螺桿造粒擠出機上加裝熔體泵和管、板、膜等擠出機頭,可省掉造粒工序直接擠出制品。這種系統非常適合擠出制品的材料需要經過共混改性的場合。該熔體泵系統除具有上述第2條優點外,還通過簡化擠出制品的生產工藝過程,縮短生產周期來實現節能。
        3 in the original single screw or the same granulation twin-screw extruder with melt pump and pipe, plate, film extrusion die, granulation process can be saved directly extruded products. This system is very suitable for extrusion materials need to go through the modification. Besides the above mentioned second advantages of the melt pump system, also by simplifying the process of extrusion products, shorten production cycle to achieve energy efficiency.
        4. 可以實現用多臺中小型擠出機同時向一臺熔體泵供料,熔料經熔體泵增壓計量后供給機頭擠出大型制品(大口徑管材、寬幅板、膜等)。這種配置的生產線結構緊湊,占地面積??;擠出制品的截面尺寸更精確且控制容易。
        4 can be achieved using Taichung small extruder to a melt pump, melt the melt pump pressurized metering supply head extrusion of large products (large diameter pipe, wide plate, film etc.)。 The production line structure of this configuration is compact, small footprint; section size of extrusion products more precise and easy to control.
        5 in the single screw extruding machine configuration melt pump, can make the system operate freely, excellent performance. In the high head pressure and high yield, output can be adjusted and no overflow occurs.

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